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Vitamins are people and animals to maintain normal physiological functions and essential food obtained from a class of micro-organic substances. Low molecular weight organic compounds essential for the vitamin, they can not be synthesized in the body, or the amount of difficult to meet the body's synthesis of the needs, it must be supplied by the outside world. People to conduct a formal study of vitamins, only half a century, the twentieth century ago, biochemists only know the major food proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and water are five main components.


In China, Chinafooding is a professional exporter of food additives, also is a supplier. We can assure our products' quality and low prices to our customers. Vitamin is one of a food additive. We have many kinds of Vitamin, such as: vitamin b12, vitamin b2, vitamin c and so on.


The company has Vitamins: D-Biotin,Folic Acid,Vitamin B12,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B6,Vitamin B6,Vitamin E for your choice.

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