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Soya Lecithin E322-CAS-No.8-88-80
Soya Lecithin E322-CAS-No.8-88-80
is a refined soybean oil byproduct. Degummed soybean oil is in the process of settling out of phospholipids, and then by processing, formed after drying.
Soya Lecithin E322-CAS-No.8-88-80 can protect, repair of liver injury, reduce cholesterol, increase the blood, arterial blood and soften the effect. Used in the food industry, nutrition and health, agriculture, feed industry, in cosmetics.

Soya Lecithin

  • E No:E322
  • CAS No:8-88-80
  • HS Code:292320000
  • Specification:20 kg/pail;200 kg/pail
  • Routine Packing:1kg/bag;5kg/bag;10kg/bag;25kg/ drum
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
  • Payment terms:T/T in advance or LC at sight
  • Qty in 20' FCL:19Ton
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification
    • Name
    • Soya Lecithin
    • Appearance
    • Brown liquid
    • Source
    • soy
    • Assay
    • Acetone insoluble ≥62%
    • Ether insoluble
    • ≤0.3%
    • Acid value
    • ≤30mgKOH/g
    • Moisture
    • ≤1%
    • POV meq/Kg
    • ≤10
    • Viscosity
    • ≤10000
    • Color
    • 16-17
    • Peroxide Value
    • 5 Max. meq/kg
    • Viscosity
    • 80-120 Poises at 25% C by Brookfield Viscometer with spindle no 3, 4
      (RPM 10-20)
    • Shelf life
    • 2 years
    • Heavy metal
    • ≤ 10ppm
    • Arsenic
    • ≤3ppm
    • Microbiology
  • v
    • MPN/g
    • Negative
    • Total Plate Count
    • 3000 max
    • Yeast & Mold
    • 50max
    • E.Coli
    • absent
    • Pesticides
    • absent
    • Salmonella
    • absent in 25 gms


Soya Lecithin E322-8-88-80 role
1, E322 can delay aging
Membrane composed mainly by the lecithin, lecithin added to the human body, it means that E322 can repair the damaged cell membranes, improve cell membrane function, E322 soften the membrane and the younger, increase cell activity. Uptake by E322, they can raise the bodys metabolism, self-healing ability and antibody tissue regeneration capacity, enhance the bodys vitality, a fundamental slow down human aging.
2, E322 vascular scavenger can prevent cardiovascular disease
E322-8-88-80 can be emulsified, break down fat, can attached to the vessel wall cholesterol and fat emulsion into particles, so that dissolved in the blood returned to the liver and is metabolized. By taking the E322-8-88-80, can effectively reduce high blood fat and cholesterol.
3, E322 can be of brain to prevent Alzheimers disease
E322 for brain cells to provide adequate nourishment, so that the transmission of information between the brain faster, thereby increasing brain activity, elimination of brain fatigue, E322 of the brain thinking, enhance learning and efficiency. E322-8-88-80 in the repair of injured brain cells, to break barriers between the brain and the blood circulation at the same time, E322 can maintain the normal function of nerve cells and enhance brain system functions, E322-8-88-80 has prevention of senile dementia effect.
4, E322 can be liver
Heavy drinking or nutrition will increase the burden on the liver cells, reducing the ability of the liver synthesis of phospholipids. When the human body, E322-8-88-80 base shortage will lead to a lot of fat accumulation in the liver, the formation of fatty liver, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. E322 can enhance liver cell metabolism, promoting fat degradation, protect the liver, prevent the occurrence of fatty liver and other diseases.
5, E322 is a diabetes nutrition
E322-8-88-80 can enhance pancreatic function, repair, pancreatic cells, E322 to secrete enough insulin to reduce blood sugar, effectively transporting blood glucose into cells, thereby reducing the diabetes disease.
6, E322 constitute the main component of biofilm
E322 is an essential basic material, E322-8-88-80 can promote the spirit of the spread, increased brain activity, but also due to good emulsifying, E322-8-88-80 can effectively prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall and removal of some sediment, it is often eaten with E322-8-88-80E322 product, can effectively regulate blood fat and cholesterol, improve brain function, improve memory, prevent and treat fatty liver.


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