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Phosphate Home Phosphate Phosphoric Acid

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Phosphoric Acid-E338-CAS-No.7664-38-2
Phosphoric Acid-E338-CAS-No.7664-38-2
as colorless crystals, melting point of 42.3 degrees Celsius, the high boiling acid, soluble in water, E338 is a common inorganic acid, phosphoric acid in the air easily deliquescence. Heating water loss will be pyrophosphate, has been further dehydration metaphosphoric acid.
Phosphoric Acid-E338-CAS-No.7664-38-2 phosphorylation is mainly used for pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer and other industries as chemicals, nutrients, sour agents, preservatives and so on.

Phosphoric Acid

  • E No:E338
  • CAS No:7664-38-2
  • Einecs No:231-633-2
  • HS Code:28092011.00
  • Specification:Food grade powder or liquid
  • Routine Packing:35kg
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,Iso
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification ---Food grade
    • Name
    • Phosphoric Acid
    • Appearance
    • white crystal or liquid
    • Purity
    • 75~98.5%
    • Molecular Formula
    • H3PO3
    • Molecular Weight
    • 82
    • Melting point
    • 73.6℃
    • Specific gravity
    • 1.6510
    • Fluorine
    • ≤ 5.0ppm
    • Boiling point
    • 200°C (decomposing at 180°C)
    • Phosphorous acid
    • ≤ 0.0150%
    • Sulfate
    • ≤ 30ppm
    • Chlorides
    • ≤ 5ppm
    • Color Hazen
    • ≤ 20
    • Heavy metal
    • ≤ 10ppm
    • Arsenic
    • ≤0.50ppm
    • Lead
    • ≤3.0

About Phosphoric Acid E338-7664-38-2
is an important inorganic acid, phosphate, phosphate raw materials. E338-7664-38-2-E338 as a raw material for phosphate fertilizer production,E338 is being phosphoric acid or phosphate solution, E338-dissolved in hot water by the phosphorus pentoxide can be obtained, E338-7664-38-2-E338 for the production of high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer. E338-or soap, detergent, metal surface treatment agents, food additives, feed additives and water treatment agent.
E338-7664-38-2 in the industry, for metal surface treatment agent, salt, raw materials, products, E338-organic catalysts, refractory additives, wood raw material to manufacture activated carbon-activated agent
E338-7664-38-2 in food, E338-used as a clarifying agent in food and beverage, sour agents, yeast nutrients, preservatives and so on.


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