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Cooking oil is also known as the "cooking oil", it is to point to in the production process, the use of food animal or vegetable oil. In a liquid or solid at room temperature. Cooking oil is people the requisite of the life, is to provide human heat and essential fatty, promote fat-soluble vitamins absorption of important food. If know of edible oil nutrition value and the role of the health of human body, and it is helpful to the correct choice of people. Generally speaking, the actor of cooking oil by smell, colour and lustre, transparency and sediment four aspects to identify.

In China, Chinafooding is a professional exporter of food additives, also is a supplier. We can assure our products' quality and low prices to our customers. Oils is one of a food additive. We have many kinds of Oils, such as: Fish oil,  Flaxseed oil, Garlic Oil and so on.


The company has oilEmu oil,Fish oilf,Flaxseed oil,Garlic Oil,Grape seed oil,Safflower seed oil or your choice.

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