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is a white crystalline powder, soluble in ether, water, ethanol, benzene, methanol and acetone, slightly soluble in ether.
MSM-CAS-No.67-71-0 in the industry for high-temperature solvents and raw materials in organic synthesis, analytical reagent,food additives and drugs,MSM has a strong health benefits.


  • CAS No:67-71-0
  • Specification:USP
  • Routine Packing:25kg
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:ISO
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai.Qindao
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification (USP)
    • Name
    • MSM ( Methyl Sulfonyl Methane )
    • Appearance
    • White Crystalline Powder
    • Assay
    • 99.9% Min
    • Melting Point
    • 107.0-110.0 ℃
    • Boiling Point
    • 238℃
    • Loss on Drying
    • 0.5% Max
    • Mesh Size
    • 20-40mesh, 40-60mesh, 60-80mesh
    • Residue on ignition
    • 0.05% Max
    • Heavy metals
    • 5ppm Max
    • Microbiology
    • E.Coli
    • Negative
    • Salmonella
    • Negative

About MSM-67-71-0
MSM-67-71-0 is an organic sulfide, the bodys synthesis of collagen necessary material. In human skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and organs contain MSM-67-71-0, human daily consumption 0.5mgMSM-67-71-0, once the lack of MSM can cause health disorders or occur disease. Therefore, a large number of foreign pharmaceutical applications as a health MSM, MSM-67-71-0 is to protect human biological sulfur balance the main drug. MSM-67-71-0 to eliminate the virus, enhance blood circulation, soften the tissue, relieve pain, to sinews and bones, calm the spirit, increase strength, maintenance of skin Hair & Beauty. MSM-67-71-0 also the treatment of arthritis, oral ulcers, asthma, constipation, transmission through blood vessels to clear the gastrointestinal mold Candida toxins. MSM-67-71-0-MSM as a nutritional - organic sulfur compounds, can promote skin nails, hair, bones, tendons, and organ health, MSM-67-71-0 is known as "natural landscaping carbon material. "Jesus also vitamin C complex wax-based preparation of meat Kou acid treatment of arthritis, stomatitis and other drugs.

Long-term use MSM-67-71-0 will make the skin smooth, hair, nail, growth accelerated, enhanced gastrointestinal function, strong bones, spirits, MSM-67-71-0-MSM can enhance the mold, toxins, bacteria and resistance to allergens. MSM-67-71-0 can inhibit the effectiveness of gastric ulcers; to eliminate parasites in the intestinal parasitic ability, MSM to eliminate the disease, allergic reaction, enhance the bodys ability to produce insulin.


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