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Lactic Acid-E270-CAS-No.50-21-5
Lactic Acid-E270-CAS-No.50-21-5
as a colorless liquid, industrial products is colorless to pale yellow liquid. Odorless, hygroscopic. E270 as a food additive widely used in food, medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, industrial and so on.
Lactic Acid-E270-CAS-No.50-21-5 used in the food and beverage, meat, cakes, cheese, ice cream, vegetables, beer, and other foods, with seasoning, antimicrobial preservative.

Lactic Acid

  • E No:E270
  • CAS No:50-21-5
  • Einecs No:200-018-0
  • HS Code:29181100
  • Specification:E270 FCCIV
  • Routine Packing:25Kg;250Kg;1200Kg IBC
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,hunan,henan
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification -E270 FCCIV
    • Name
    • Lactic Acid
    • Appearance
    • colorless to yellowish liquid
    • Assay
    • 80% , 85% , 88%
    • Fresh color
    • 50~100APHA
    • Molecular Formula
    • Molecular Weight
    • 90.08
    • Free carbonizing
    • qualified
    • Reductive Matter
    • qualified
    • Free acid
    • qualified
    • Calcium salt
    • qualified
    • Residue on ignition
    • ≤0.1%
    • Methyl alcohol
    • ≤0.2%
    • Thermal stability
    • ≥190
    • Sulphated ash
    • ≤0.1
    • chloride
    • ≤20 PPM
    • Heavy metal
    • 5 PPM
    • Iron
    • ≤10mg/kg
    • Arsenic
    • ≤3mg/kg
    • Lead
    • ≤5mg/kg
    • Mercury
    • ≤1mg/kg

Lactic Acid E270-50-21-5 use in the food industry
1. E270-50-21-5 has a strong preservative effect, E270 can be used in wine, beverage, meat, food, pastry making, pickling and canning vegetables, food processing, fruit storage, E270-50-21-5 is capable of regulating pH, bacteria and prolong shelf life, flavor, keeping food color, improve product quality and so on.
2.E270-50-21-5 in the seasoning, the lactic acid can increase the food a unique sour taste in the salad, soy sauce, vinegar and spices to add a certain amount of E270, E270 can maintain the stability of the microbial products , security, and to make the taste more mild.
3 Because E270-50-21-5 moderate moderate acidity, but also as well the deployment of soft drinks and fruit juice of choice sour agent.
4 in brewing beer, add some E270-50-21-5 to adjust the pH to promote both glycosylated, is conducive to yeast fermentation, improve the quality of beer, beer can add flavor, extend shelf life. E270-50-21-5 in white wine, sake and wine used to adjust pH, to prevent bacteria growth, enhance the acidity and refreshing taste. Buffered E270 can be applied to hard candy, fruit candy and other confectionery products, moderate acidity and sugar conversion rate. E270 pink can be used on all kinds of candy powder, sour agent as a powder.
5 Natural E270-50-21-5 is naturally inherent in the dairy ingredients, E270 has the taste of dairy products and a good anti-microbial effect has been widely used for deployment of yogurt cheese, ice cream and other foods, E270 as much popular dairy sour agent.
6.E270-50-21-5 powder is used for the direct production of shallots sour regulator. E270-50-21-5 is a natural fermentation acids, so you can make bread with a unique taste; lactic acid as a natural acidity regulator, E270 in bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked goods for flavoring and antimicrobial effect, and can improve the quality of food, to maintain color and prolong shelf life.


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