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Grape seed oil-CAS-No.10-8-86
Grape seed oil-CAS-No.10-8-86
is the highest level of grape seed by means of cold-refined, showing a beautiful and natural light yellow or light green, health care products are widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry.
Grape seed oil-CAS-No.10-8-86 prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol and blood pressure in human serum, anti-aging, anti-allergy play a role in cancer, its great nutritional value and health effects.

Grape seed oil

  • CAS No:10-8-86
  • HS Code:1515909090
  • Specification:USP,BP
  • Routine Packing:25kg/drum ; 180kg/iron drum
  • Place of origin:China
  • Payment terms:TT in advance or LC
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Qindao
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification
    • Name
    • Grape seed oil
    • Source
    • Grape seed
    • Appearance
    • Transparent Yellowish green
    • Index of reflection(25℃)
    • 1.4700-1.4750
    • Relative density (20℃)
    • 0.9150-0.9250
    • Saponification mgKOH/g
    • 185-205
    • Iodine value gI/100g
    • 130-138
    • Moisture volatile matters
    • 0.05% max
    • Impurity
    • 0.05% max
    • Peroxide
    • 2.0 meq O2/kg
    • Unsaponifiable matters
    • 1% max
    • Acid value mgKOH/g
    • 0.05 max
    • Peroxide value mmol /kg
    • 8 max
    • Heat (280 ℃)
    • negative
    • precipitation Freeze(0 ℃,5.5h)
    • transparent
    • Residual solvents
    • negative


About Grape seed oil-10-8-86
Grape seed oil-10-8-86
has two very important elements, linoleic acid, and proanthocyanidins. Linoleic acid can fight free radicals, anti-aging, helping to absorb vitamin C and E ,10-8-86 can enhance the flexibility of the circulatory system, reduce UV damage. 10-8-86 to protect the skins collagen, improving venous swelling and edema, to prevent pigmentation. 10-8-86 to protect blood vessel elasticity, protect skin from UV poison effect. 10-8-86 but also collagen and elastic fibers to prevent damage to the skin to maintain proper elasticity and tension, to prevent skin sagging and wrinkles. 10-8-86 infiltration, fresh and not greasy, easily absorbed by the skin.
Grape seed oil-10-8-86 for the crowd: the need for anti-oxidation, anti-aging crowd. Need beauty, to keep skin whitening, moist, flexible women. Poor skin tone, dark, chloasma, relaxation, wrinkles. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Allergic. Long-term use of computers, mobile phones and TV people.


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