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Grape seed Extract-CAS-No.84929-27-1
Grape seed Extract-CAS-No.84929-27-1
red-brown powder, gas micro-, astringent taste. Main active ingredient is a low molecular weight procyanidins, is a potent antioxidant, free radical addition to an effective dose. Herbal extracts are widely used as food additives, beauty care, medicine pharmaceutical industry.
Grape seed Extract-CAS-No.84929-27-1 with eye health, heart health effects, can reduce the risk of cancer, enhance the strength of blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory, remove swelling, is a natural sun shelter, can block UV rays the skin.

Grape seed Extract

  • CAS No:84929-27-1
  • HS Code:2932999099
  • Specification:USP,BP
  • Routine Packing:25kg/drum
  • Place of origin:China
  • Payment terms:TT in advance or LC
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification
    • Name
    • Grape seed Extract
    • Appearance
    • Red Brown Powder
    • soruce
    • Grape seed

    • Assay
    • 1. Proanthocyanidins30% ; 50% ; 80% ; 90% ; 95%
      2. Polyphenols (OPC)95%;Monomers15%
      3. Proanthocyanidins95% Polyphenols >85% Monomers: 10%-25%
      4. Water-Soluble Grape Seed Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins
      5. Polyphenols 30% ; 95%
      *ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity)≥18000umolTE/g
    • Active material
    • Proanthocyanidins, polyphenol
    • Molecular Formula
    • C30H26O12
    • Melting point
    • 230℃
    • Sulphated ash
    • <1%
    • Loss on drying
    • <2%
    • Particle size
    • 80 mesh
    • Shelf life
    • 2 years
    • Heavy metal
    • 10ppm
    • Microbiology
    • Total Plate Count
    • <1000cfu/g
    • Yeast & Mold
    • <100cfu/g
    • E.Coli
    • Negative
    • Pesticides
    • Negative
    • Salmonella
    • Negative

About Grape seed Extract-84929-27-1
84929-27-1 from natural grape seed extract the active ingredients together with active vitamin E and other nutrients the main raw material is refined nutrition. 84929-27-1 is a human body can not synthesize new highly efficient natural antioxidant substances. It is the antioxidant found in nature, the strongest free radical scavenging substances,84929 -27-1 antioxidant activity of cellulose E 50 times, 20 times the vitamin C,84929 -27-1 people can effectively remove the body of excess free radicals, with superior anti-aging and enhance immunity. Antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-fatigue to enhance physical fitness. 84929-27-1 improve sub-health state of aging, improve irritability, dizziness, fatigue, memory loss and other symptoms. 84929-27-1 able to repair the injured collagen and elastic fibers, with the convergence effect, tightening the skin and prevent wrinkles appear earlier, long-term use 84929-27-1 make the skin smooth and elastic, with a beauty role.


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