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D-Xylose -E967-CAS No.58-86-6
D-Xylose-E967-CAS No.58-86-6 is a colorless to white crystalline powder, sweetener, the special smell slightly sweet and refreshing, is the main raw material production of xylitol.
D-Xylose-E967-CAS No.58-86-6 to enhance the flavor, color effect is obvious to mention, for the preparation of flavors and fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical raw materials for bread and butter of the coloring, good health effect, can increase the body's calcium absorption and retention, but also to prevent constipation.


  • E No:E967
  • CAS No:58-86-6
  • Einecs No:6763-34-4
  • HS Code:2905491000
  • Specification:JP / USP / BP
  • Routine Packing:25kg/bag
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Qindao,Tianjin
  • Function:type7
  • Applications:type14


    • Item
    • Specification -- FCC IV/USP
    • Name
    • D-Xylose
    • Appearance
    • White crystalline powder
    • D-Xylose content
    • 98.0~102.0 %
    • Transmittance
    • >98.0%
    • Specific rotation
    • +18.5 --- +19.5°
    • Melting point
    • 145℃ - 150℃
    • Fomula
    • C5H10O5
    • Loss on drying
    • 0.5%
    • Residue on ignition
    • <0.05%
    • Arsenic
    • 0.0001%
    • Chloride
    • <0.0005%
    • Free Acid
    • <0.025%
    • Supply ability
    • 200 Ton per month
    • Sulfate
    • <0.001%
    • Heavy metals
    • <0.0005%
    • Arsenic
    • 0.0001%


D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6

D-Xylose E967 is a colorless to white crystals or white crystalline powder, slightly sweet odor and refreshing. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 Sweetness of sucrose 40%. Relative density 1.525, melting point of 114 degrees, were right-handed light and variable optical activity, soluble in water and hot ethanol, insoluble in alcohol and ether. The body can not digest, D-Xylose E967 can not use. Natural crystal exists in a variety of mature fruit.


D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 Production process:
D-Xylose E967 is the sawdust, straw, corn cobs and other plants rich in hemicellulose hydrolysis by a five-carbon sugars, soluble in hot ethanol and pyrimidine, 67% of the sweetness of sucrose. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 and glucose similar chemical properties,  E967 can be reduced to the corresponding alcohol, for example: xylitol, or oxidation of 3 - hydroxy - glutaric acid. In China, xylitol production of xylose is the main raw materials, many countries have been approved as non-caloric sweeteners.


D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 Application: sweetener. Use in obese and diabetic patients. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 dose is also used to prevent fat oxidation, and the system of dark reddish brown material prepared by the Maillard reaction meat and other spices.
2.D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 on human intestinal bifidobacteria have a higher proliferation, consumption of D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 can improve the bodys microbial environment. Improve the bodys immunity. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 and the compatibility of good food, a small amount of xylose added to food, will be able to demonstrate good health results. E967 simultaneously with calcium intake, can improve the bodys calcium absorption and retention, but also to prevent constipation.
3 for the preparation of D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6.
4. To taste because of its obvious effect, D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6can be used for spices and pet food industries.
5 Because of its efficient cause can Maillard reaction, so D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6for the production of food flavoring agent.
6 Because of its color effect is obvious to mention, D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6can be used for the food industry golden brown color, such as butter and bread coloring.
7 pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.
8 for the preparation of flavors and fragrances.

D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 can also improve the human micro-ecological environment, enhance human immunity. Mainly for the manufacture of xylitol, D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 is widely used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. E967 for the pet food industry, taste delicious, the production taste, E967 as efficient in the induction of Maillard reaction. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 has also been used to produce the golden color in food applications such as bit hitter and struck out, thereby enhancing the consumer appeal of bread crumbs. acid-catalysed degradation of hemicellulose, furfural solvent, professional industry and the precursor synthetic polymers. D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 is not completely absorbed by the human, the secretion from the kidney.

As food additives of sweetener D-Xylose E967-CAS No.58-86-6 in life are widely applied.


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